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About Us

CDM Bible College is an interdenominational institution that aims to produce Christlike disciple-makers who know their specific calling from God and have enough urgency for the Great Commission to reproduce strategic and faithful disciple-makers who will be labourers for finishing the Unfinished Task within our generation.

We seek to teach, train and build Christlike character and reproducible but biblical models who will be pillars of truth in their generations.

"One of our greatest aims is to produce an unceasing stream of Bible students who shall be ever-learning, ever-growing, and ever-transforming into the image of Christ."

Our Purpose

Believing that disciples are made and not born, and being aware that the work of World Evangelism can only be accomplished by an army of Christlike disciplemakers able and willing to raise further generations of Christlike disciples, necessitates a spiritual 'disciples-and-disciplemakers' producing center that equips godly men and women for spiritual harvest and fruits-processing, i.e. soulwinning and disciplemaking.

It is for this purpose that CDMBC was established. One of our greatest aims is to produce an unceasing stream of Bible students who shall be ever-learning, ever-growing and ever-transforming into the image of Christ. Our goal is to instill into every student that passes through our gates, a supreme passion and hunger for God, an unshakeable commitment to Christlikeness in personal character and ministry, an eternal devotion to Bible reading, memorization, study and obedience, and a divine conviction of the urgency of finishing the Great Commission through multiplicative disciple-making and church-planting across ethnic and tribal lines.

By the end of your period of study with us, we hope that you will have discovered your specific gifts and calling from God which you will apply in reaching the Unreached, snatching the lost from the fire and saving them with the same grace and mercy that was extended to you by Christ. It is also our prayer that you will grow in mastery of the Scriptures and rightly divide the Word of Truth, alongside growth in all other spiritual disciplines and the holiness without which no man shall see the Lord.

Our History

CDMBC began in 2011 as an arm of the Christlike Disciplemakers' Movement, which exists to produce a steady stream of passionate, Christlike disciple-makers from every Bible-centered church background who are constantly learning, growing and reproducing their kind, and being released to plant self-multiplying healthy churches until the uttermost parts of the world are filled with them.

The College began in the house of Rev. JFK Mensah with a first batch of about sixteen students. From this humble beginning, the Bible College has now relocated its headquarters to the CDM Retreat Centre at Ayi-Mensah, Accra, and by God's grace, has extended into several other cities and regions in Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Ivory Coast. These satellite campuses are in line with the mission of both CDM and CDMBC to evangelize the world within one generation.


You can play a role in shaping the minds of a new generation of Christlike disciplemakers.

So, why CDMBC?

The CDM Bible College is an epitome of the truism that big things sometimes come in little, unassuming packages. It is truly one of a kind, and there is no other place for Christlike learning. Here are a few reasons why you should try it:

  • INTER-DENOMINATIONAL - We offer a unique advantage by providing the optimal inter-denominational atmosphere which is necessary for godly partnership.
  • SEVERAL PROGRAM OPTIONS - We provide several options for anyone interested. It doesn't really matter whether you're a student, pastor, worker, or teacher: we have an option for you.
  • BIBLICAL EMPHASIS - Our strong Biblical emphasis offers you the chance to grow in Bible mastery, reading and memorization like never before. By the end of one year, you would have read through your whole Bible.
  • MISSIONS EMPHASIS - CDMBC awakens a zeal and urgency in you to fulfill the Great Commission within one generation, and help prepare Christ's bride for Him.
  • GIFTS & CALLING - We emphasize active pursuit of your God-given call and ministry until you identify, develop, use, and shine in it.
  • FRUITFULNESS - Our focus on making and mentoring at least one disciple a year forces you to bear fruit for God wherever you are, so that you are no longer unproductive in faith.
  • CHRISTLIKENESS - Our dedication to a lifelong pursuit of transformation and spiritual growth into Christlikeness among our students is unparalleled. Lives are changed because a commitment to Christlikeness is awakened.
  • PERSONAL SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES - We insist on a minimum of one hour of prayer and intercession daily, and other appropriate spiritual disciplines,  which begin to build lifelong habits of seeking God personally and corporately.
  • MINISTRY OUTLETS - Because CDMBC is connected to CDM, an international movement dedicated to world evangelism, discipleship, and Christlikeness, we provide outlets for your proven ministry, allowing you to volunteer with Task Forces and join ministry teams and outreaches depending on your giftings.
  • PRACTICAL - Our curriculum is intentionally crafted to be as hands-on as possible, teaching you how to lead a person to Christ, and to take them through the basic experiences every Christian should know . 
  • MENTORING - Our staff and faculty are dedicated to continuous mentoring and discipleship, and are always available for any kind of discussion about your spiritual life, growth and ministry .

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