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Our Departments

CDM Bible College is organized into four different departments which handle the various courses, no matter the program option chosen. Each is headed by Senior Facilitators who are faculty.


The Department of Christlike Studies is a critical element in ingraining students with character that conforms to the moral and spiritual standards of the Bible, and with a focus on Christlikeness in life and ministry. Headed by the Rector, Aps. JFK Mensah, the Department handles courses across the various levels of the College.

All students are therefore schooled to commit themselves to growing in Christlikeness daily.


One of the core values of CDMBC is the conviction that the Great Commission commanded by Jesus in Matt. 28:18-20 is for all believers, regardless of special giftings. The Department of Evangelism & Missions therefore arms students with a practical and hands-on approach to presenting the Gospel and establishing new converts in the faith.

Students are also taught about God's eternal interest in lost souls, as well as how to deal with Islam and other religions and cults that hinder the spread of the Gospel.


Without adequate preparation, the Word of God cannot be clearly and effectively communicated to transform lives. The Department of Communication & Ministries attends to this chink in students' armors by addressing some of the most basic and common challenges to communication.

The Department also shines a light on the importance of growing the various ministries in the Body of Christ to deal with specific issues related to men, women, youth, and children. Students are taught how the characteristics and even challenges of each group can be addressed and wielded effectively to transform lives with the applied Gospel.


The Department of Doctrinal & Ministry Studies focuses on strengthening the doctrinal backbone of students in order to release them in their churches and the Body of Christ as resources who are rightly dividing the Word of Truth, equipped and ready for every good work.

Much emphasis is also placed on encouraging students to identify their various God-given gifts and callings, grow in them, and make strides in that path to achieve God's call on their lives, and subsequently, contribute to the work of God on this earth.


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A Sample of Our Courses

Level 100
Christian Mentoring
Daily Quiet Time

Level 200
Church Planting
Christian Discipleship
Spiritual Growth Pillars

Level 300
Spiritual Warfare
Christian Maturity
Cross-Cultural Missions

Level 100
Practical Evangelism
Handling Cults & Deviations

Level 200
World Missions 1 (Biblical & Theological Foundations of Missions)
Purpose of Life
Essence of the Book of Acts

Level 300

Level 100
Language Studies 1 - Foundations of Public Speaking
Ministries 1 - Differences Between Males and Females

Level 200
Language Studies 2 - Foundations of Debates
Ministries 2 - Men's Ministry; Women's Ministry

Level 300
Language Studies 3
Ministries 3 - Children's Ministry; Youth Ministry
Sexual Purity

Level 100
New Birth
Water Baptism
Holy Spirit Baptism
Healing & Deliverance
The Five Assurances
Six Basic Bible Doctrines
Foundation Practicals

Level 200
Gifts Identification, Development & Fulfilment
Charismatic Gifts
Ministry Gifts
Operational Gifts

Level 300
10 Major Bible Doctrines 


CDM Bible College is home to excellent Bible teachers who have themselves gone through the CDMBC curriculum. All well-qualified and approved by the Ghana Education Service and the Agape Association of Bible Schools, they are in charge of handling the various courses. They are ably assisted by Teaching Assistants who are also graduates of CDMBC.

William Kofi Osew

Christlike Studies

Evangelism & Missions

Communication & Ministries

Doctrinal Studies

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