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Life at CDMBC

Special efforts have been made to make life at CDMBC as comfortable as possible. Students will find it a home away from home, combining crash-course studies with enough peaceful scenery and quiet to encourage rest.


A typical day begins at 5am with one hour of dawn prayers, with the signature prayer tune "Let us all come together..." There's then another hour for quiet time, clean up, and preparations for class.

Lectures begin by 8am prompt, and breakfast comes around 10am. Another session of lectures takes us to lunchtime around 2pm; and yet another set of lectures till the end of the day at about 5pm. We then have small-group mentoring sessions with facilitators, which consists of practical , honest, and down-to-earth discussions about each person's individual Christian life.

The mentoring sessions usually lead to practicals of new birth, water baptism, Holy Spirit baptism, deliverance, and evangelism throughout the week. Supper comes around 6pm, and we have a break for bathing, learning, etc. until 8pm when we have closing prayers.

The whole of Saturday is dedicated to exams, and there may be Debate practicals for the L200s, or a relationship talk, depending on the session. On Sunday, there is a church service.

  1. ACCESSIBILITY - Strategically located at the foot of the Aburi mountains, CDMBC is close enough to the city to make for easy accessibility, but far enough to remain undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of urban life. Students are free to bring their own electronic gadgets, such as laptops, netbooks, phones, IPads, etc., although responsibility for the safe-keeping of such items is entirely up to them.
  2. FACILITIES - Students are required to be fully resident on campus to facilitate participation in all school activities. As such, comfortable accomodation is assured for all accepted applicants. The campus is fully equipped with running water, bedrooms, and electricity.
  3. MEALS - Students do not have to worry about food and drink as the school prepares and serves meals three times a day. During application and registration processes, enquiries are made about special dietary requirements so that they can be met. There is also a tuck shop on site for the provision of any other snacks and resources that students may need.
  4. INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS - Most of the lecturers and TAs are also resident on campus, allowing the students to feel free to interact with them whenever necessary, within reasonable time limits. Lecturers are also available for one-on-one mentoring and discussion. Opportunities are given during lecture times for healthy discussions and expression of various opinions to enhance study of the Word.
  5. NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES - There are many opportunities for students to connect with each other, forming lasting friendships and godly ministry partnerships with each other. Apart from group assignments and presentations, corporate morning and evening prayers allow for deep spiritual bonds to be formed.


You can play a role in shaping the minds of a new generation of Christlike disciplemakers.

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