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CDM Bible College has transformed the lives of several people all over the world.


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Attending CDMBC shaped my life as an individual. I was enlightened about the urgency of not just believing in Christ but imitating him. I can now boast of a concrete ultimate goal for my life on earth.

CDMBC changed my life. I hadn't wanted to come at first, because I thought I was fine with my Christian life. It's only after the time I spent there that I realised how much I needed it to fire up my passion for prayer and zeal for an intimate relationship with God. I recommend it to anyone who really wants more out of God.

My Christian life would have been meaningless if I hadn't met CDM. Their teaching actually exposed me to what I used to do and know about Christianity. In fact, I now know and practice the real Christian life through their Christian Foundation, Growth and Maturity teachings and training.

Although I was called to ministry, it took the CDM Bible College for it to be discovered, developed, and for its fulfillment. Their training enabled me to be ordained into ministry. Indeed, I would have wasted my life on this earth had I not  been saved and become fruitful with the help of this noble institution.

Through CDM, I was also able to read through the Bible cover-to-cover yearly. Glory be to God for CDM as the pivot for world evangelism. I'm proud to be part of CDM. I recommend it to you if only you want to be saved and be fruitful as a Christian.

It was a Sunday in January 2012. I wasn't sure if I was at the place I wanted to be that evening - all I knew was that a Christian brother had recommended it. What put me off further was the "window-free" dormitory. That night I was chilled to the bone. And just when sleep was swallowing up my frustrations, the bell rang and what would later become the famous CDM song, "Let us all come together....", started bellowing in my ears. Ahhhhh, hmmmm.

Frustration was an understatement on my first day at CDMBC, but today, my life has been reshaped by the CDM and CDMBC vision. I see my life taking on a more eternal cause than it used to. Thanks to CDMBC. I must confess that, I never imagined that I could be useful to God in anyway, if not for my CDMBC training. I say it to myself that I am the reason CDM and CDMBC were formed.

I don’t know what to say but I can boldly say that GOD IS VERY PROUD of you for catching His vision and running with it. God bless you.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Auntie Joyce for her time, love, delicious, fantastic, palatable and superb meals. Thanks to all who supported her in the kitchen.

Group Training

CDM Bible College has also organized exclusive sessions for some partner groups.


You can play a role in shaping the minds of a new generation of Christlike disciplemakers.

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